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KUGKmusique is in cooperation
with the spanish music-production
(head of direction: JOSE LOPEZ).
LCD is one artist of them.


KUGKmusique, LCD

Musik Frankfurt: KUGKmusique, LCD, Cover

LCD "20' of free improvisation in São Paulo" MiniCD

LCD Clip: Paulo Beto (CD 20' Of Free Improvisation In Sao Paulo)

Paulo Beto (synthesizers, samplers, kaos pad)
Eloi Silvestre (invented electronic instruments, mac performa and apple II)
Miguel Barella (analog guitar, digital loop delay)


The group - based in São Paulo, Brazil; is formed by Paulo Beto (anvilFX), Eloi Silvestre and Miguel Barella - aims towards free and experimental electronic improvisation, "retro-futurism" and avant-guard music.

The name of the group was inspired by an interview by José Mojica Marins (Zé do Caixão/Coffin Joe) where he refers to LSD as LCD saying "this is the drug that young people take to see God".  

LCD plays every week without any previous rehearsal or preparation, aiming a spontaneous exercise of improvisation with lots of space to chance and randomness. All the gigs, which usually have special guest performances of equally minded experimental artists, are recorded and correspond to a unique performance impossible to repeat.

With minor editing, they are released on very small edition CD's. In this occasion they have gathered some of the best moments of those sessions for "The Bside Project" and offer us an exquisite cdsingle titled "20´of free improvisation in São Paulo."